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Schulz's rewind: We will not abandon the Greeks

In an attempt to recant his morning announcement, European Parliament President Martin Schulz said “We will not abandon the Greeks,” even if Sunday’s referendum turns out a “NO”.
He added that the lenders would be able to give Athens emergency crediting when necessary.
“We will not abandon the people of Greece,” whatever the outcome of the referendum should be, Schulz reaffirmed in statements made to the German newspaper, Welt am Sonntag.
“It might be necessary that we provide emergency credit to Athens so that the public sector can continue to work and the people that are in need can receive the money necessary to survive,” he added.  “There is capital in Brussels that can be enacted for this,” Schulz said.
Schulz did add however, that the government in Athens gas driven the country into this impasse, and the people cannot do anything about it.  “We will help them,” he said.
However, such emergency subsidies “do not create a lasting solution,” the German President of the European Parliament warned.
Schulz’s revised statements come in an effort to mitigate the reactions the morning announcement he made caused.  Earlier, he told a German radio station that Greece will have to provide a new currency if “NO” wins at the referendum.
“Will Greece continue to be in the euro after the referendum? Of course, but is they say ‘NO’ they will have to print a new currency after the vote, since the euro won’t be available as a method of payment,” Schulz announced in an interview with the German radio station Deutschlandfunk.  The program was recoded on Thursday and released on Sunday.
“The moment that someone prints a new currency, they leave the Eurozone.  These are the facts that give me hope that the people will vote ‘NO’ today,” he said.
Schulz’s statements were made known to Athens as the blatant intervention of an outside force into the internal politics of a country.
Source: ANA-MPA