News Greece U.S. ambassador expresses 'optimism' for a Greek solution

U.S. ambassador expresses 'optimism' for a Greek solution

United States Ambassador in Athens David Pearce on Tuesday met Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias. 
In the statements made after the meeting, he expressed optimism that a solution on the issue of Greece will be found.
"I am optimistic because it is in the mutual interests of both sides to reach an agreement," he said as he was leaving the ministry.
Pearce said that both the Greek government and the country's partners must work hard in order to set up a reliable programme of reforms that, in the long term, might act as the foundation for growth in the euro zone.
The ambassador said he had a "very good meeting" with Kotzias that covered a range of issues, and chiefly developments in the region.
Source: ANA-MPA