News Greece Tsipras: ERT reopens next Monday

Tsipras: ERT reopens next Monday

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras announced today, during a meeting held at Maximos Presidential Mansion, that ERT (Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation) is scheduled to re-open next Monday.
Dionysis Tsaknis has been appointed as the new chairman of the company, while Lambis Tagmatarxis will be the new executive director. 
The Prime Minister reiterated to Tsaknis and Tagmatarxis that a methodical return of ERT’s workers should be the foremost goal.  He also asked them to contribute to the building of a “new, multifaceted and independent ERT that would become a blueprint for the public service broadcasters”
"ERT addresses to the community, while at the same time is fed therefrom. You are responsible to fill the gap caused between citizens and the Broadcasting Corporation. I am not saying that your task is easy since the challenges and expectations are extremely high. Therefore, I strongly believe that the Government should be put at the heart of the political criticism through ERT’s programs.”
Finally, Tsipras renewed his meeting with ERT’s new officials on June 11th, due to “celebrate the victorious struggles of democracy”.
Source: Sigmalive