News Greece Stavros Theodorakis: 'We will support a beneficial deal"

Stavros Theodorakis: 'We will support a beneficial deal"

The leader of opposition party To Potami said it is willing to vote in favour of an agreement with Greece’s lenders if it’s beneficial for the people, according to an interview published in Greek newspaper Kathimerini on Sunday.
Asked by the paper what he would do if some SYRIZA MPs didn’t support a possible agreement achieved between the government and its lenders, Stavros Theodorakis said:
“Everything depends on the deal. If it’s beneficial for the people we’ll vote for it without asking for anything in return.” He added however that he believes the possibility of achieving a good deal with our lenders has been wiped out.
Theodorakis also said that, if asked, he’s willing to cooperate with Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras in the ongoing negotiations and even went as far as to suggest he would also support him if the premier was forced by developments to form a new government.
"If [Tsipras] realized the need to select centrist, open-minded figures without fixations and if he made the necessary reforms a top priority of his government then, yes, I would not refuse my support,” the leader of Potami was quoted as saying.
Theodorakis also reiterated that whenever elections are held, they should be held under a proportional voting system.
Source: ANA-MPA