News Greece Discussion at Brussels Group intensify, Riga summit awaits

Discussion at Brussels Group intensify, Riga summit awaits

Discussions at the Brussels Group intensified on Monday; negotiations with partners, in the wake of the publication of an internal IMF document stating that without an agreement the Greek government would not be able to meet its obligations in June.
The aim of the Greek Prime Minister is to negotiate political points where there are still divergences at the summit in Riga, next Thursday and Friday. If they strike the right balance, it will pave the way for convergence at the Eurogroup meeting on 25 May, where it will be possible to give the green light for the disbursement of European funds to support the country.
But even in this positive scenario, it is doubtful if the IMF will accept to release €3.5 billion. Assistance has been 'frozen' since 2014, given that the fund seems to require the completion of the evaluation as a prerequisite for any disbursement.
At the summit in Latvia, the PM will try to push the Greek issue on the agenda, which officially involves the eastern neighborhood. In an effort to achieve convergence, Athens' tax agency is planning tax and recovery measures.