News Greece Kavala Mayor: apology to Greek-Jews for Holocaust Memorial

Kavala Mayor: apology to Greek-Jews for Holocaust Memorial

The mayor of the town of Kavala, in northern Greece, apologized to the Greek Jewish Community for offending them on Saturday, after she received fierce criticism following the city’s municipal council’s decision to block the unveiling of a Holocaust memorial.
Dimitra Tsanaka, backed by the majority of the municipal council, stopped the unveiling of a memorial to the city’s 1,484 Jews killed by Nazi troops on Friday, because it featured the Star of David.
Speaking on Saturday to about 100 people who had gathered at the city hall, among which were Jewish visitors from Israel who had traveled to Kavala for the unveiling, Tsanaka recognized “errors and omissions were made by the administration" of the municipality of Kavala.
After apologizing, she said that her reaction to the monument is “due solely to her efforts to protect the monument from possible reactions and vandalism,” adding that she respects the religious symbols and honors the memory of fellow citizens who perished by the Nazis.
Tsanaka also said she was “convinced that all misunderstandings have been resolved with the Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece” adding that the unveiling of the monument will take place “very soon”, as a very small tribute to the Jewish citizens of Kavala who were victims of Nazi atrocities.
Source: ANA-MPA