News Greece Tsipras phone-call with US: country on the brink of crisis

Tsipras phone-call with US: country on the brink of crisis

Two days before the deadline for Greece to make a payment €7450 million to the IMF, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras told the US Secretary of the Treasury, Jack Lew, that the country would not be able to make the payment.

Sources of the publication “Vimatos” said that the PM decided that the payment could not be made, when on Sunday night he was informed by the financial staff that there was no money to make the payment and pay the employees and the retirement funds.

Mr Tsipras then decided to call the US Secretary of Treasury, Mr Lew, to inform him of his decision.  After the phone-call, alarm bell were raised, since the country was one step before falling off the edge into an even deeper financial crisis.

The potential crisis situation was averted in the 12th hour, when according to the press release, the treasury of the country and Dimitris Mardas found money for the pay and the retirement of employees.  The largest part of that money comes from the delay of payment of the public sector to third parties in May and on a smaller scale from the available funds of the public sector.