News Greece Lafazanis, Hochstein discuss on energy cooperation‏

Lafazanis, Hochstein discuss on energy cooperation‏

Greece seeks to become a dynamic energy center in the region, with a multi-level and independent energy policy based exclusively on national interests, cooperation and energy security in the region and Europe, Productive Reconstruction, Environment and Energy Minister Panagiotis Lafazanis said on Friday after a meeting with Amos Hochstein, special envoy and coordinator for international energy relations of the US.
Lafazanis stated "we support the construction of a natural gas pipeline which will reach the Greek-Turkish borders because we believe it will be a project which will benefit the Greek people and support cooperation and energy security in the region and Europe. We seek an energy policy which will bring benefits to the country".
Lafazanis said he had a fundamental and frank exchange of views with the US official and noted it was also useful for the prospect drafted by the country on energy issues.
"We agree on more things than what we disagree," Hochstein told reporters. Commenting on whether a Greek Stream pipeline project was in contrast with a natural gas southern corridor,
Hochstein said: "I work on projects that exist and southern corridor is an existing project," adding "we will continue finding ways to cooperate on these issues to the benefit of Greece." The US official noted it was not his first meeting with Lafazanis.
Ministry sources said that the US side did not discuss any "counter offer" on the pipeline project that will carry Russian natural gas.
Source: ANA-MPA