News Greece No deal by next week but we will have it says Weiser

No deal by next week but we will have it says Weiser

Greece is not expected to reach an agreement by next week as had been previously forecasted, but a solution is on the horizon, Thomas Weiser, the chairman of the Eurogroup Working Group, said.
Greece and the EU creditors will not reach total agreement by next week, as expected, the chairman of the Eurogroup Working Group said on Tuesday to the US channel CNBC, but he showed confidence that a deal will be reached before a real crisis or bankruptcy occurs.
"We will get a deal," Wieser was quoted as saying on CNBC’s webpage.   He said, "I think all of the polls show in Greece, the Greek population is firmly convinced its future is in euro. It has given a mandate, which is quite clear it seems to me and it seems to the Greek politicians, [to] do whatever it takes to come to a conclusion with the creditors."
On Monday, members of the Eurogroup had hoped they would be able to signal that an agreement was in sight, but representatives for European finance ministers in Brussels are still battling over fiscal and value-added-tax issues and labor market reforms, Wieser said.
Asked about a possible “Grexit” from the Eurozone, Wieser said that while this would have been "a real catastrophe" three years ago, today Europe is well insulated, but the outcome would still be negative.
Source: ANA-MPA