News Greece Varoufakis and wife harassed while eating dinner

Varoufakis and wife harassed while eating dinner

The Greek Finance Minister and his wife were harassed by an anti-establishment group on Tuesday night as they ate dinner in a restaurant.

Asked by the press about the incident, Varoufakis stated that "It was not an organised incident, an attempt to cause us injuries, or part of the recent attempts to bring me down."

Varoufakis said that an anti-establishment group entered into the restaurant they were dining and told him to leave their 'area'.

Later, the minister with his wife left, but they waited for him outside. "I began talking to them saying that I want to listen to them even if this means they will hit me. After 15 minutes of tense discussion, things calmed down and the group left without any further threat."

Varoufakis also clarified: "Once again I will state my adamant position that whatever fear or anger the exercise of arbitrary violence raises to us, the answer to these people's anger and to their violent expression should not and must not be either the hasty retreat or violent suppression."

Source: ANA-MPA