News Greece Thomas Weiser: Greece has until June to make changes

Thomas Weiser: Greece has until June to make changes

Greece will not present a list of economic reforms at the Eurogroup meeting on Friday since the country will be able to remain solvent until June, according to the head of the Working Group Thomas Weiser.

Thomas Weiser announced that in every instance Greece will have to submit a list of changes for the next month.

“The clock is ticking.  There will now be a new list in Riga, but during May they will need to declare it.  The liquidity level is already pressuring, but the level of liquidity can exist until June,” he told the Austrian news source ORF.  He also said that he talks with Greece can still be completed successfully.

The Brussels Group will be looking at all the changes Greece has made at the meeting of the Working Group 3PM on 22 April for the first time.  The meeting will be televised.

Varoufakis will be leaving for Riga to attend the unofficial meeting between Finance Ministers.  He is expected to continue the comments he made here.

Source: CNA