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Anarchist riots in Greece

Anarchists set fires to cars last night in the Exarcheia and Polytechnio regions of Athens and vandalised the statue of the Unknown Soldier in Syntagma Square.

The anti-establishment rioters wrote, “Fire to countries and jails,” “War on Democracy,” and “This, this, this is just. Fire to the parliament,” along with other things that were painted on the walls around the statue.

The riots continued late into the nights, with the anarchists setting fires to parked cars and throwing Molotov Cocktails at the Greek riot police, MAT.  The police in defence responded with flares that were thrown at rioters.

The reason for the riots was a law passed, called the “koukolonomo,” which gives police the right to arrest anyone taking part in offensive activities and wearing a face covering. 

On Monday, 28 SYRIZA members, submitted an amendment to change the provision of the law 3773/2009, which deals with disturbance of public peace, unwarranted bodily harm, and theft.  The amendment was to change the punishment for acts committed while hooded or metamorphosed appearance. 

Source: CNA