News Greece A frustrated Germany shows Greece the exit door?

A frustrated Germany shows Greece the exit door?

It is common that there is obvious lack of solidarity of the European Union's leaders - Germany's in particular - regarding on Greece's situation.
There is a long path of bitter negotiations still to go between Germany and Greece's governments.

Athens still struggles to convince the rest of Europe for the achievement of much alleviated terms on debt deal. At the same time, there are some indications that Germany is undermining Greece's membership of the Eurozone.

Germany: Enough with all  these Greek demands!
A poll mounted by Bloomberg is indicative for Germany's stance, that, admittedly,  it is harder than ever.

German voters’ growing umbrage:
“The way the Greeks have been behaving has been impossible. Now they’re making their own demands with these reparations”
“Greece should pay back what they owe. We can’t forever give them more money”
“They’ve got a lot of hubris and arrogance, being in the situation they’re in and making all these demands”
“Maybe it’s better for Greece to just leave the euro.”

Summer 2015: Not so idyllic for the Greek Government
Things are looking gloomy, and they're only likely to get worse as the time rolls in. The Greek government won't want to lose face in negotiations. Apparently, Germany does not share the same spirit.

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