News Energy Omirou: Akkuyu poses a danger for Europe and Mediterranean

Omirou: Akkuyu poses a danger for Europe and Mediterranean

Akkuyu Nuclear Plant in Turkey poses a significant danger for the entire Mediterranean, Cyprus’ House President Yiannakis Omirou said on Thursday.
The plant, which is being constructed by Russia is 90 kilometres away from Cyprus, is in a seismically active area, Omirou told a meeting of the Presidents of Parliament, organised by the French National Assembly and the Union for the Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly.
“The area on which the plant will be constructed is seismically active, while the operation of the plant itself could pose grave consequences for the entire region regarding health, food safety, the ecosystem and the economy,” Omirou said.
A possible event, he added, could prove devastating for the closed sea and affect all Mediterranean and European countries. Omirou said that he disputes the integrity of the project’s environmental assessment study, as the technology to be used has not been tested so far.
“In a time when most countries are abandoning nuclear energy due to its inherent dangers, are the EU and the Mediterranean countries ready and willing to manage a possible crisis of such nature?” Omirou said.
He also called for joint action to face the common challenges such as the resolution of conflicts in the region.
The resolution of conflicts on the one hand would enable the safeguarding peace and stability in the region and on the other allow for concentration on the environment, he concluded.
Source: CNA