News Energy Groups protest Akkuyu plant construction

Groups protest Akkuyu plant construction

Regional groups gathered in the UN-controlled buffer zone in Nicosia to protest against construction of nuclear power plants in the Mediterranean, especially the proposed plant in the works in Akkuyu, Turkey.
A bi-communal group, Cyprus Anti-Nuclear Platform, in cooperation with environmental organisations in Turkey, the Greens in the EU Parliament, and the Green European Foundation, addressed a conference at the Home for Cooperation, urging Turkey to reconsider its decision to build the Akkuyu plant, which is a town on the Mediterranean across from Cyprus.
Rebecca Harms, Co-President of the Greens/EFA Group, addressing the meeting on Saturday, said she has been concerned by the nuclear project in Akkuyu since it started as it “has always been very doubtful whether it`s about energy or something else”, adding that she is even more convinced that “this project is more about the prestige of a government and a President in Turkey”.
She also said it has to do with the empire of power of Gazprom and its company Gazprom Rosatum which will construct the plant.
Harms said the nuclear risk in such a seismic region should not be added, creating “tremendous additional risk in this region of the Mediterranean”.
She urged Turkey to look at the example of Japan Fukushima. “All countries suffering from earthquake risks like Turkey should abstain from nuclear power,” she added.
Greece, Italy have no nuclear power for this reason and Turkey should follow in this line, she said.
Source: CNA