News Energy Lakkotrypis denounces MEES Report on ENI and TOTAL

Lakkotrypis denounces MEES Report on ENI and TOTAL

Today, the Minister of Energy, Yiorgos Lakkotrypis, rejected the report published by the Middle East Economic Survey that ENI and TOTAL would be withdrawing from natural gas research in Cyprus.

According to the report, MEES says that ENI and TOTAL will be leaving Cyprus at the end of their contract in 2016, since they have not had good results from their research in the Aphrodite field.

In response to this evaluation of the Aphrodite field, the Minster said, “repeatedly, we have said that we are making a major attempt.  You see the results and they are methodical and steady.”

“There is a strong interest in the area for the buying of natural gas and certainly we do not share the opinions of the report,” he said.

In reference to the research being done by ENI Kogas and TOTAL, Mr Lakkotrypis said, “we know the latest developments, ENI Kogas has asked for more time to re-evaluate the geological information and in regards to TOTAL there is an agreement to conduct further research to better evaluate field 11.”

When asked about the three day meetings to take place between Cyprus, Greece, and Egypt on energy issues, he said, “lets first see the agenda of the meetings and who will be accompanying the leaders of the countries when they come to Cyprus.”

Source: CNA