News Energy ENI/ KOGAS AUDIO asks for time to consider

ENI/ KOGAS AUDIO asks for time to consider

After two unsuccessful drillings and the lack of ability to find exploitable hydrocarbon concentration, ENI/KOGAS seeks more time to study all the data obtained during the exploratory pits in order to continue.
The total cost of the investigations carried out by the Italian- Korean consortium in the Cypriot EEZ has been reached on 420 million, of which 250 were involved in the exploratory drilling of both Onasagoras and Amathusa deposits.
“Data are gathered while boreholes are proceeding.”
Minister of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism Yiorgos Lakkotrypis when asked by Sigmalive about the claims on behalf of the company, he explained that as drillings continue, geological data are gathered. Thus, the energy potential of the region can be better evaluated through this procedure. He also referred to Israel’s case, where a total of 60 boreholes were made and only 20 were exploitable. The Minister added that the results of the second drilling should not provoke any signs of indignation, since the whole geological model needs to be revised.
Lakkotrypis: “Cyprus State turning its gaze to the exploitation of Aphrodite’s natural wealth”
Ministry of Energy is already examining ENI/KOGAS’s demands in order to decide whether it makes sense to deal with or not, as well as the time needed for an effective outcome.
In close liaison with Cyprus question?
It is worth noting that the political parties do not hesitate to express their continuous concerns on the topic, since they see that Espen Barth Eiden’s “freeze scenario” rapidly draws closer. For the story, Mr. Eiden has suggested the blockage of the works in the Cypriot EEZ for the relaunching of Cypriot question’s renegotiations. Of course, the Cypriot Government contemns Eiden’s freezing proposal by stating that the developments in the Cypriot EEZ will continue despite any renegotiation issues.
Source: Sigmalive