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Eurosuccess Consulting coordinates European project

Eurosuccess Consulting coordinates the European project European Labor Mobility SupportLAMOS EU, which is co-funded by the European Union within the framework of the Erasmus+ Programme Key Action 2 (KA2) and has started in December 2016.  LAMOS EU is the result of a newly formed strategic partnership between five partner organisations from five different European countries, aiming to improve the system supporting people who wish to work abroad.


LAMOS EU project was submitted in Cyprus and was accepted, as the first project in the approval list under the VET Sector of KA2 (Strategic Partnerships) of the ERASMUS+ Programme.

The aim of the project is to increase the transnational employability by shaping and developing the system supporting the transnational labour mobility and adaptability of employees/workers/individuals in foreign/international environment with the active participation of companies, stakeholders and training providers.

The objectives of the project

- Improving the transnational adaptability of the workforces
- Enhancing the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises, through promoting the adaptability of enterprises and workers
- Increasing the availability of professional transnational career guidance
- Improving the capacity of counsellors and employment & recruitment agencies


The target groups of the project

Direct target groups: Employees working in foreign environment, individuals interested in transnational labour mobility, counsellors, partner organisations and their staff

Indirect target groups: Companies and their HR departments, target organisations: VET organisations and institutions, training providers, trainers/consultants of the target organisations; public and private labour actors (employer associations, labour offices, and employment agencies).

The intellectual outputs of the project

During the project implementation four main intellectual outputs will be developed:

  1. Regional Research Analysis Report – RAR: Developed to identify personal predictors of transnational labour mobility and predictors of adaptability to foreign workplace
  2. Model of working with people interested in transnational labour mobility/support scheme before the mobility and assistance in adaptation in foreign workplace: A guide/instructions for those working with these people on the basis of the developed outputs
  3. ICT Tool for assessment of capability and readiness for transnational labour mobility: An ICT tool to measure and diagnose the individual readiness for transnational labour mobility
  4. Programme Toolkit: Aims at preparing the individuals/employees for transnational labour mobility and enhancing the adaptability of foreign employees in their new workplace.

The consortium of the project

Except Eurosuccess Consulting that coordinates the project, the partnership consists of organisations coming from Greece (Action Synergy), Poland (OIC Poland Foundation), Spain (Inercia Digital) and Germany (ABU). The partnership is constituted by partners coming from diverse fields, who based on their extensive experience and their network will be able to utilise the products of this innovative project in the best possible way.

Participation in the project

Currently, the field work is implemented in the aforementioned countries therefore the participation of those who belong to the target groups of the project is valuable to us, not only for the identification  of the needs in each country but also for the development of the project outputs. The relevant questionnaires are available in English.

By taking part in the field work you will have the chance to participate without any cost in the pilot testing which will be organised in Cyprus during which you will be able to give us feedback and suggestions in relation to the Outputs of the project. Also, the participants will receive certificates of attendance.

Below you will find all the relevant links:

  1. Employees interested to work abroad, click here
  2. Employees already working abroad, click here
  3. Employees that have worked abroad and returned, click here

4.       Enterprises, click here

  1. Stakeholders & Counsellors/Training Organisations who are working in the field of transnational mobility, click here

The deadline to complete the questionnaires is on June 26, 2017.

If you require more information about the project LAMOS EU, please call Eurosuccess Consulting at 22420110 or contact us via email at