Lifestyle Showbiz Cypriot students win 1st prize for the artwork: "Immigrants"

Cypriot students win 1st prize for the artwork: "Immigrants"

The art work named ‘Immigrants’ of St Luke Lyceum students from Colossi has won the first prize for for the 2016 Saatchi Gallery/ Deutsche Bank Art Prize for Schools in London.
The artwork depicting desperate refugees figures in a small boat, some of them fearful holding their children, others’ expression is showing their agony as they are trying to escape from the horrors of the war, seeking a new country for a better future. 
The project "Immigrants" was made on the occasion of the 5th Pancyprian Competition Visual Arts Secondary General Education.
The project has been created by 30 school students with the guidance of their art  teacher Popi Nicholaou. 
"A handful of people struggling at the mercy of the sea, facing the wrath of nature and with having hope as a compass. Betrayed by their country people are experiencing an untold terror because of the war, the Syrian refugees are fighting for their lives. Choose Life before Death comes,” Nicholaou wrote in her Facebook account.
This year’s judging panel consisted of Jeremy Newton, CEO of Children & the Arts; Alastair Sooke, Art Critic and Broadcaster, The Telegraph & BBC; Alistair Hicks, Senior Curator for Deutsche Bank; Nigel Hurst, CEO of the Saatchi Gallery and Julia Wachtel, Artist whose work ‘Champagne Life’ is currently on display at the Saatchi Gallery. 
The Colossi student’s work has been selected for the shortlist from over 20, 000 art works.