Lifestyle 5 ways to beat insomnia and sleep better

5 ways to beat insomnia and sleep better

Sleeplessness is terrible for your body and especially for your mind. First your alertness is affected, then your concentration and the process worsens as you lose more and more sleep.
Depression, anxiety and physical body aches also goes hand in hand with sleeplessness. It is important for you to improve your quality sleep so you can focus better, be healthier and happier.
1. Get a better mattress
A good quality mattress can do a lot for your body. Good health mattresses are specially designed to improve your posture while you sleep which improves blood flow through the body and improves your breathing.
2. Create a steady sleep routine
When your body becomes used to sleeping at a certain time you will automatically start feeling tired around your usual sleep hours. Your body will become accustomed to sleeping at certain times and will know when to shut down and when to wake up.
3. Avoid certain drinks
Drinks like coffee, certain teas and sugary drinks are designed to energise you and keep you awake. You should try an alternative drink such as water, hot milk or unsweetened cacao when you are thirsty. Hot milk helps relax the body and has proven to be really effective if taken 30 minutes before bedtime.
4. Create a better sleep environment
Street noises and light can also affect your quality of sleep if you are a light sleeper. You can try to play soft calm music or sleep sounds in your room to promote better sleeping or to tell your body that it is time to switch off.
5. Work out during the day
A good workout during the day can help you sleep much better since your body will be much more tired and you will be healthier.  When you are healthier you can breathe easier, your blood flows better through your body and your body contains a lot less toxins which is great for promoting better sleep at night.
Source: Life Hack