Lifestyle 6 lessons to learn from travelling

6 lessons to learn from travelling

Travelling can provide you with the best life experiences, and teach you things you could never learn in school. Travelling opens your mind to new cultures, traditions, and experiences, and is possibly the best way of expanding your perspective and connecting to the world.
Here are some things you can learn and experience through travelling.
1. Leaving your comfort zone
Travelling means abandoning the comfort of your home and familiar environment to take a leap of faith.
2. Appreciating other cultures
It's easy to be judgmental about other cultures because they are different from yours. But when you travel, you get to live in other cultures and experience their traditions, learning to appreciate both similarities and differences in everything from language to cuisine.
3. Learning to live in the moment
When travelling, you're only spending a few days - or weeks if you're lucky - in each place. This teaches you to make the most of your experiences, savouring every minute and every moment.
4. Living simply
On a budget, you learn to travel lightly. You learn to live out of a backpack and in small hotels and guest houses. Travelling is about experiencing everything the world has to offer. It makes you appreciate the luxuries you have in your life and home.
5. Going with the flow
When you travel, you need to learn how to roll with things: flights are delayed or canceled, luggage is lost... You can learn to stay calm while facing delays if you travel. It equips you to deal with such situations and helps you to realise that they are not worth getting upset about.
6. Valuing experience over material things
Once you get a taste for travelling, you'll quickly realise that the skills gained are much more worthwhile than any material object that you could own.
Source: Life Hack