Anna Koukkides-Procopiou When America sneezes, Europe catches a cold

When America sneezes, Europe catches a cold

Anna Koukkides-Procopiou is a Foreign Policy Analyst/Research Associate at the CEIA, UNIC. She is also fascinated by business and the role of individuals as multipliers in the process of economic growth. She teaches, lectures and writes extensively. An activist by conviction, she believes that unless you speak out, your silence speaks for you.

Why I care about the American elections

Like him or hate him, friends and foes agree that Obama was the underdog who won a fight of huge proportions. The product of an inter-racial marriage between a white woman and a Kenyan, at a time when mixed marriages were prohibited by law in many American states, his presence at the White House, among other things, personified a temporary victory against bigotry, misogynism, racism, xenophobia, homophobia, a victory against the odds.

Trump wants to reverse that; he says he wants to make America 'great again'. By building walls, by degrading women, by kicking out immigrants, by humiliating Muslims. At a time when America is still rife with racist and social tension; at a time when poverty, pay gaps and glass ceilings still exist; at at time when a movement such as "Black Lives Matter" is in full swing and rape culture still has hold over campuses where America's best and brightest are supposedly being educated to lead their country into the future. At a point in time when more not less progress is needed.

One could ask- what is it to me? Why should I care how the Americans put their house in order? The answer is simple: where America leads, we follow. Any attempt to turn back the clock in the United States would reverberate across the world. Trump's antideluvian rhetoric already sends chills down my own spine and so it should do to you.

Provided you want a little bit of progress underway. Provided you believe in equality and opportunities available to all. Provided you are saddened by bombastic, populist rhetoric. Provided you see how easily hate words can turn into actions of hate.

Whether one despises Hillary as part and parcel of the (liberal) establishment or not, there is no other choice. Not even silence. A lot is at stake. Losing is not an option.#Iamwithher