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TEDxNicosia Women on Thursday: It's About Time

TEDxNicosia Women will be taking place on Thursday October 27, in which speakers will be focusing on the topic, ‘It’s About Time’.  
SigmaLive English has received a few words from the organisers, Mahi Solomou and Paul Koronis on the event, and what the audience can expect.  
What is the message you hope to pass on at TEDxNicosiaWomen?
We feel that this year’s theme ‘It’s about time’ is extremely powerful. While curating this event, we mused over the meaning and challenges of time in our everyday lives. We reflected on how time and attention shape our lives. We pondered on ways to mould time. We had countless conversations on what it is about time to consider - whether as individuals, or collectively. In the same way, we feel that our audience will be intrigued to think that the time has come for an action, a decision, a new venture, or a collective initiative. Or, perhaps, that it’s time to start, pause or put an end to a habit, activity, action or frame of mind.
How is your event connected to TEDWomen, which takes place in California?
As licensees for TEDxNicosiaWomen, we will be featuring part of the TEDWomen conference which is taking place in California between the 26th and 28th of October 2016. The TEDxNicosiaWomen audience will be viewing part of TEDWomen live as it is happening in the USA and therefore will be watching talks for the very first time before they become available to the public. We will feature Session I, themed ‘It’s about my time’ which will be hosted by Pat Mitchell, Curator of TEDWomen, a lifelong advocate for women and girls. This way, we are able to transport a global conversation from San Francisco to Nicosia!
What ‘ideas worth spreading’ will be presented by your local speakers?
We will have five local speakers who will present a platform of ideas, stories and solutions that impact our local community and initiate change. Alexia Pissarides, dancer, visual artist and creative producer will help us view life through the eyes of a dancer. Andrea Solomonides, entrepreneur and Political Campaign Manager, will talk to us about making time matter, again. Louiza Sophocleous is a scientist who believes that the time has come to facetime science.  Marina Katsari will probably whisk us away on a magical fairytale ride full of drama through her story-telling and imagination.  Dr. Andreas Stavroulis, obstetrician and gynaecologist and promoter of natural maternity, will be speaking to us about a woman’s options.
What should one expect from TEDxNicosiaWomen? 
TEDWomen in the USA is a TED conference about the power of women and girls to be creators and change-makers. In 2013, the TEDxNicosia team decided to produce TEDxNicosiaWomen and allow our local community to have a conversation while engaging in innovative thinking; women and men interested in exploring how change begins and how ideas become a catalyst for action are given the opportunity to discuss pressing issues. Our greatest support in the launch of our events is our strategic partner Cytamobile-vodafone. This year we are celebrating our third TEDxNicosiaWomen event and we look forward to identifying and moderating new projects which may arise from the interaction of our speakers with our audience and of course from the global scene. One of the most important aspects of TEDxNicosiaWomen involves our enthusiasm to mould and spread a local idea into the global playing field, while at the same time ensuring that new projects which arise become life-altering for all its connected parties. We ask our local community to share their impact stories. And collectively, these can be projected to the world!