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Doki app of learning the basics of foreign languages

Doki is an immersive method of learning the basics of foreign languages. The method is based on the idea of teaching a language in an entertaining way with humour and without focusing on grammar. Doki is currently available as a collection of 14 different mobile apps designed for iOS devices. It offers a basic level (Doki) and an advanced basic level (Doki Further) for learning English, French, German, Iberian Spanish and Latin American Spanish.

Doki features a cartoon-style city map (Doki City) in which the student navigates to learn vocabulary and common phrases associated with one of the city's 14 different places (lessons). For example, the student taps on the restaurant icon to learn about different foods and how to order at a restaurant. Each place has interactive exercises to reinforce learning. All dialogues are spoken by native-speakers and the first two chapters are offered for free. Doki was awarded the “Parent’s Choice” Award at the Europrix Multimedia Awards. 

Doki was founded in 1999 in Cyprus and UK by Andy Hadjicostis and was first launched as CD-ROMs for Windows and OSX systems in 2001. After Andy passed away in 2010, his family decided to develop Doki into iOS apps. The apps were launched in December 2012. As of February 2016, the apps have been downloaded by more than 680.000 users. 

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