News Local Limassol: Police search for man threatening his own life

Limassol: Police search for man threatening his own life

Police are searching for a man that threatened to endanger his own life on a live radio broadcast this morning in Limassol, SigmaLive has learnt on Monday. 
Specifically, during the radio programs broadcast, the listener went on air and said in broken Greek, that he thanked Cyprus for all the aid he has received during his 20 years on the island.  The man added that he was from Iran and that he had an intention to end his-own life after hanging up.  
SigmaLive learnt that the police were immediately notified, and that they are continuing their investigations to find the man.
According to SigmaLive’s information finding the man is proving difficult due to the fact that the phone call made to the radio station was done using a mobile phone using a phone card. 
Police, however, are continuing their search as the man is suspected of being in the coastal area of the city near the Pier hotel.
The man did not mention his name on the broadcast, and is now considered to be a missing person.