News Local 100 movies to screen at Cyprus International Film Festival

100 movies to screen at Cyprus International Film Festival

A total of one hundred movies from 33 countries will be screened during the 11th Cyprus International Film Festival which opens its gates on September the 14th in the city of Paphos, on the southwest coast of Cyprus. The Festival will wrap up on September the 25th.

A press release issued on Friday invites the cinephiles who are interested to participate in the independent jury to send an email to or call 99798112.

The press release points out that the VIP jury includes producers Vivek Singhania from India and George F Roberson from the USA, as well as the legendary director of photography Bill Butler (Jaws, Rocky, Grease, Godfather etc).

The programme includes 100 short and feature films of recent production coming from 33 countries. "It is going to satisfy the most demanding viewer and anyone who wants to live the magic of cinema through the fresh positive vision of the young artists from all continents who compete for the 'Golden Aphrodite' awards", the release says.

The venue of K-Cineplex in Kings Avenue Mall and the Amphitheatre of the Neapolis University will host the lovers of the Seventh Art and give a chance to pleasantly attend a marathon of screenings in Paphos to honour the place of the rising Goddess Aphrodite and the festival`s "Golden Aphrodite" award at the end of the festival. All proceeds from the Box Office sales will benefit a charitable organisation in Paphos.

The opening and closing parties will be held at Suite 48 in Paphos on the 14th and 24th of September, and the Golden Aphrodite Awards ceremony will be held in Technopolis 20 on the 25th of September in Paphos.

Source: CNA