News Local Three doctors face over 300 accusations of bribery

Three doctors face over 300 accusations of bribery

Three doctors are facing hundreds of accusations involving suspected bribes they received, reports said on Wednesday, in reference too the case being examined by the Nicosia Assize Court.
The suspects were let go after the hearing on Wednesday, but under some limitations until the case is re-examined.  
The three suspects are being examined separately by the court. 
The doctors involved are the general director of Nicosia General Hospital and director of the Otorhinolaryngology Department Yiannakis Kyamides, the Otorhinolaryngologist Vaskian Sahbedrian, and the Director of an Otorhinolaryngology clinic in at Larnaca General, Daphne Aristodemou.      
Four of the charges on the indictment have to do with bribery and receiving bribes.  
The charge of conspiring to commit a crime has been removed from the indictments the three are facing.  
The alleged crimes are suspected to have been committed between 2008 and 2016 and, according to an accusation from an Audiology Centre in Nicosia, the three suspects in 2008 received bribes amounting to approximately 146,000 euros.  
Specifically, the charges that Kyamides is facing deal with 2008-2016, where he is suspected of receiving approximately 13,000 euros.
In regards to Sahbedrian the charges deal with 2010-2014, where he is suspected of having received bribes amount to 13,000 euros.  Aristodemou is believed to have received bribes amounting to 3,000 euros from 2008 to 2011.
Suspects claim they are not guilty
During the hearing the suspects claimed that they were not guilty of the charges they faced. The court then decided that the suspects should be allowed to remain free, but with limitations.  
The court has ordered the suspects to pay bail or get signatures from credit-worthy guarantors, hand over their travel documents, present themselves to the Nicosia Police Department at Lykavitos once a week, and that their names be added to a stop list.  
Over 300 accusations 
It total the doctors are facing 308 accusations for bribery of a public official, bribery of a public officer, and crimes involving legalisation of funds received in illegal activities. 
Kyamides is facing 188 charges, while Sahbedrian is facing 100 charges, and Aristodemou is facing 20 charges. 
Kyamides will reappear in court on September 14, Sahbedrian on Ocotober 31, and Aristodemou on November 7.
Source: CNA