News Local Limassol and Tel Aviv Chambers of Commerce sign MoU

Limassol and Tel Aviv Chambers of Commerce sign MoU

Limassol’s and Tel Aviv’s Chamber of Commerce have signed a Memorandum of Understanding for further bilateral cooperation on Wednesday, reports have said.
In his speech, President of the Limassol Chamber of Commerce & Industry Costas Galatariotis said the MoU provides for enhanced institutional, trade and business relations between the two Chambers, for the exchange of a wide range of information on all business matters and for visits by business delegations.
“Our Chamber has had a long lasting relationship with Israel, underlined by a cooperation agreement we signed with the Haifa Chamber in 2000,” he said, adding that state-to-state relations between Cyprus and Israel have changed drastically for the better, raising prospects for cooperation in many areas of economic activity and not just in the emerging hydrocarbons industry of the two countries.
“We are today inaugurating an open channel of communication between the two Chambers and by extension, between the business communities of the two cities. It is now up to us both to make optimum use of this channel to achieve best results for our members, for entrepreneurship and for the economies of our countries. I can assure you that the Limassol Chamber will spare no effort in that direction,” he added.
Galatariotis described the MoU as a foundation stone for the future of Limassol-Tel Aviv business relations. “We perceive the MoU as a document marking a dynamic new beginning, one we are intent on building on, pursuing mutually beneficial cooperation between the business communities of the two cities and their surrounding areas,” he said.
From his part, President of the Tel Aviv and Central Israel Chamber of Commerce Uriel Lynn said that relations between Cyprus and Israel are enhanced in many respects.
“We have common national interests and should intensify our relations. We, the Chairmen of Commerce, have the responsibility to work together and lead this cooperation between our countries. There are so many things we can do together,” he stressed.
He referred to “a common economy between Israel and Cyprus,” that could be created by an agreement between the two countries, in the sense that entrepreneurs from Cyprus could freely live and invest in Israel, as well as vice versa.
After the official part of the event, meetings between representatives of companies from the two cities took place.
Source: CNA