News Local Hackers strike members of Cyprus Bar Association

Hackers strike members of Cyprus Bar Association

Hackers have been sending emails to members of the Cyprus Bar Association, saying that they have been accused of violations in their services, Radio Proto reported on its “Ola sto fos” programme on Wednesday. 
The email, Dinos Pastos told the programme, then asks users to click for further information. 
Pastos said that people who clicked on the link were then brought to a fake website, which asks them to enter their details. After adding their details again, he said, the hackers are then able to steal them. 
The head of the Bar Association Doros Ioannides has also confirmed the hack. 
Pastos has told the Bar Association to inform all its members of the hack, in order for them to take the appropriate measures to protect themselves. 
A large amount of emails have already been sent out, and the senders have not been identified yet. 
Speaking with SigmaLive Greek, Pastos said that the only protection against such actions is to be well-informed on fraud, as hackers use the human factor to exploit their victims rather than the technological gaps.
Source: SigmaLive Greek, Radio Proto