News Local Police investigating abuse on a 3-year-old girl

Police investigating abuse on a 3-year-old girl

Police in Nicosia are investigating abuse claims of a 3-year-old girl.
Specifically, the statement to the police talks about family violence, and assault and threat to cause physical harm.
Police were notified at about 5.00 in the morning by the Emergency department of Nicosia General Hospital, where the girl was being helped.
The little girl, according to doctors, had welts and bruises.
When questioned by police, the parents and family friend said that they didn’t know how the child had sustained the injuries and seemed to not be able to give aby satisfactory excuse.
The father and the friend were arrested and taken to court, which gave them a 6-day hold.
According to the first investigations, when the mother returned home from her job, she found the child in a terrible state and asked to bring her to the hospital, as had happened.
The family are not Cypriot.
Police are still investigating the claims.