News International Brexit Queen will be informed of Brexit plan

Queen will be informed of Brexit plan

Brexit means Brexit, and the Queen will be among the first to know what that soundbite specifically entails.
This was reportedly the latest response from the government camp following reports that Prime Minister Theresa May kept a tight lip when she was quizzed by Her Majesty on the matter during a visit to the royal residence in Balmoral earlier this year.
Britain’s plan to exit the European Union is expected to crystallise with the turn of the year, although six months of heated debate have only deepened disagreement in Parliament on what should be the best way for a British departure after 43 years of membership.
The Telegraph cited ‘allies’ of the Prime Minister as saying Ms May has the ‘’greatest respect’’ for the monarch.
‘’The Queen is one of the most informed people in the World,’’ the source said. ‘’She has the most acute and alert brain and is frequently far ahead of the politicians.
“If Her Majesty asks the Prime Minister to give details, I’m sure she will give the fullest possible answer.”
The latest comments come after both Buckingham Palace, and Downing Street refused to comment on what was thought to be ‘’frustration’’ on behalf of the Queen who wanted to know what a Brexit plan would look like.
A Buckingham Palace spokesman said: “By long-established convention, we never disclose details of discussions between the Queen and her Prime Ministers.
Nor would we comment on anonymously sourced conjecture of this kind.’’
Other reports have also suggested that a group of Conservative MPs have called on the Prime Minister to share her plan with the Queen as she is “the nation’s most experienced politician”.
For more than six decades, the Queen has successfully maintained impartiality over crucial political decisions. Speculations on her views intensified in the build-up to the EU referendum, in spite of a general acceptance that her thoughts cannot be revealed.
Source: Royal Central