News International Brexit Brexit: Unhappy voters create #NotMyVote hashtag

Brexit: Unhappy voters create #NotMyVote hashtag

Voters unhappy with the result of the EU Referendum are using the hashtag #NotMyVote as Londoners back independence for the capital.
The capital was one of the only regions in the UK to vote in favour of remaining in the European Union in the historic referendum yesterday.
Of London’s 33 boroughs, just five voted in favour of leaving the EU.
Earlier today, disappointed Londoners began an impassioned plea to become an independent city in order to stay in the European Union.
Now voters left disheartened and upset with the result of the referendum and making their feelings known on Twitter by using #NotMyVote.
Izzie Dobney wrote: “I just hope Europe realise how many of us didn’t ask for this or vote for this. We’re sorry, and we’re heartbroken #notmyvote.”
Catherine Pope posted: “Angry, sad and shamed of this country #EUref #notmyvote #WhatHaveWeDone.”
Kelly Rose Smith added: “This is not the world I wanted to wake up to today. Not the future I want or believe in #notmyvote.”
A petition calling on Mayor of London Sadiq Khan to declare the capital as independent from the UK has also been started.
SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon also said a second Scottish referendum is "highly likely" after the vote to leave the EU.