News International French Kurds march in Paris against PKK attacks

French Kurds march in Paris against PKK attacks

More than 1,000 Kurds have turned out for a demonstration in Paris to protest against airstrikes by Turkey on Kurdish militant camps in northern Iraq.

The march was originally called to protest against Monday's Islamic State suicide attack in the south-east Turkish town of Suruc that killed 32 people.

But Turkish airstrikes on PKK camps in Iraq changed the agenda of the protest march from the Gare de l'Est train station to the Place de la Republique.

French Kurd Saleh Mustapha said: “Turkey is double-dealing. It’s trying to convince the international community that it’s fighting ISIS but in reality it’s targeting the Kurds.”

Another French Kurd, Leon Edart, said: “We have seen people arrested but among the 600 people arrested, there were probably a hundred from ISIS and the rest were Kurds. In fact, we want the world to witness that.”

Ankara denies claims by some Kurdish militants in Turkey that it has been covertly supporting ISIL against Syrian Kurds.

Source: Euronews