News International Indian man allegedly murdered 30 children

Indian man allegedly murdered 30 children

Police in Delhi, India, are investigating whether a man named Ravinder recently arrested for the murder of a six-year-old girl is a serial child killer who may be involved in 30 such crimes, as BBC reports.
Ravinder - who uses only one name - was arrested last week after the body of the six-year-old girl was recovered from an abandoned building.
In the days since his arrest, he has confessed to dozens of sexual assaults and murders of children, giving "details of times and places of crimes".
The self-confessed criminal revealed he gave the girl 10 rupees to lure her into an abandoned building where he attacked her.
Ravinder said that has raped and killed "some 30 children" in Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Delhi since 2008 when he committed his first crime.
Last year, too, he was arrested for a similar crime, as he was accused of sexually assaulting a six-year-old boy and slitting his throat. 
He spent a year in jail but was freed two months ago after the boy, who survived the assault, failed to identify him.
Most of his prey were children from poor families or children of construction workers.
The most shocking fact?
When Ravinder was asked if he ever felt guilty about the crimes he committed, he said:
"Yes, the day after the crime. But then I would get drunk again and lose control.”
Source: BBC