News International Tsarnaev: “No one deserves to suffer as my victims did"

Tsarnaev: “No one deserves to suffer as my victims did"

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's lawyers referred to a testimony from a Roman Catholic nun and death-penalty opponent who said Tsarnaev told her "no one deserves to suffer" as the victims of the Boston Marathon.
The same court that found Tsarnaev guilty of killing three people (Martin Richard, 8, Chinese exchange student Lu Lingzi, 23, and restaurant manager Krystle Campbell, 29) and wounding 264 others during Boston Marathon, later this week will begin considering whether to sentence him to death by lethal injection or to life in prison.
Since testimony began in Boston federal court in early March, the jury has heard from about 150 witness, including parents who lost children in the attack, first responders who attended to victims who had lost limbs, and Tsarnaev's Russian relatives who remembered him as a loving young boy.
During the trial's sentencing phase, prosecutors sought to depict Tsarnaev as an adherent of al Qaeda's militant Islamic ideology who mounted the attack to punish America.
Defense attorneys contended he was a willing but secondary player in a scheme driven by his 26-year-old brother.
Prosecutors and defense attorneys are scheduled to make their closing arguments Wednesday following a day's recess.
Source: Reuters