Lifestyle Cooking Slow roast fennel pork with confit shallots

Slow roast fennel pork with confit shallots

This slow roast pork recipe includes fennel seeds and seasonal shallots for extra flavour. It is easy to prepare and perfect for a Sunday roast dinner with your family and friends.
round shallots 1kg
fennel seeds 1 tbsp, gently crushed with a pestle and mortar
olive oil
boned and rolled pork shoulder 2.5kg joint, skin well scored
white wine 300ml
Put the shallots in a large bowl and pour over a kettle of boiling water. Leave until cooled then peel, leaving whole.
Mix the crushed fennel seeds with 1 tsp each of salt and ground black pepper and 3 tbsp olive oil. Rub all over the meat and skin of the pork.
Heat the oven to 150C/fan 130C/gas 2. Put the shallots in a roasting tin and sit the pork on top. Pour in the wine around the pork.
Cover the whole tin with a double sheet of foil and cook for 4 hours.
Take off the foil and turn the oven up to 200C/fan 180C/gas 6. Re-cover the shallots around the pork loosely with the foil but leave the pork itself uncovered. Put back in the oven for another hour or until the crackling is golden and crisp. You can take the foil off the shallots for the last 20 minutes to get a little colour if needed. Serve the pork with the shallots and the pan juices.
Source: Olive Magazine