Lifestyle Cooking Halloumi sales increasing in the UK

Halloumi sales increasing in the UK

The UK tops the list of foreign countries where Cypriot halloumi cheese is being consumed the most, according to a report by the British supermarket chain Waitrose.
British consumers have learnt to appreciate the traditional Cypriot cheese, especially favouring its high melting point which makes it perfect for grilling and frying.
Waitrose’s report points to an increase in online searches for `halloumi` by 83 per cent over the past two years. Halloumi searches have increased fivefold since five years ago.
An average of 60,500 people searched online for `halloumi` in June, says the supermarket.
Chris Dawson, in charge of cheese buying at Waitrose, said: “It`s easy to see why halloumi popularity has soared in the UK – it`s a tasty, quick mid-week meal option and we`ve seen sales increase 26 per cent in the past two years.”
Estimates put the percentage of Cypriot halloumi exports reaching the UK at 45 per cent.
Source; CNA